Welcome to Sundarban hazi desarat college library

Sundarban Hazi Desarat College started its glorious journey since 1961; unfortunately, however, it could come up with the Library service with few books from 1970 onwards. Over five decades the collection of books of college library increased significantly from a few dozens to a staggering accrual of more than 18000 books, 300 e-books and journals around 800 journals with some rare collections on Sundarbans. It also contains more than forty maps and Atlas.

The College provides the accession of e-books and e-journals to its users under the NLIST programme of UGC-INFLIBNET. The library is connected with its own local Network server inside the library. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) has been made available along with other general services. From the repository section students can access their University syllabus and Teachers’ notes.

The Library now stands fully automated with user-friendly software. The college has also initiated its ambitious project of digitalization of rare books, starting off with “Parashuramer Kabita” [The poetry by Parshuram].

In fact, the functioning of library is consonant with the mission and vision of the college in providing the students’ requirement for text books and references. To help them accommodate themselves for future employment, the library prides itself on its collection and further subscription of career magazines, newspapers and weekly bulletins.  

All the students, faculties and employees are always welcome for membership of the library and to access the same.